As the lights start to fade you are the reason that I am not afraid

6 July 1990
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Pleased to meet you! My name is Katie, I am a 22 year old girl who finds beauty, love, and acceptance in the dark and strange.
My journal is Friends Only. I'm not sure how I feel about having it  open to the world. If anyone cares enough to know about me, they can just simply add me ( PLEASE COMMENT BEFORE ADDING!! ♥ ). My Journal  contains some ramblings about my day to day life. Some entries may be  negative, some entries may be positive. I write about *real life* and life is not always wonderful and perfect- simple as that. But don't worry, I try to keep things in my journal fun; except for the occasional "venting". My  journal also contains pictures of my artwork and photography of my dolls and other random things. :) Hope we can be friends! ♥

.::Key things to know about me::.
♥ I like dolls. I tend to just get dolls as they appeal to me or on complete impulse.  
♥ I'm an aspiring Artist/Photographer. I'm hoping to attend a school for my two hobbies later in life.
♥ I'm always being told how nice I am, so I'd like to consider myself to be very friendly. :)
♥ Music is one of my few escapes- I don't think I could survive a day without it.
♥ I always love to make new friends. :)

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